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Dear customers, artists, representatives of aid projects and friends!

This agency resides over highly qualified, national and international artists from different genres, who are available for events, concerts and galas.


We support our artists by helping them building their career, by coaching (vocal, choreography, and styling), networking, Social media, PR, record labels,, shootings.

You need a Music production, Recordings, Mixing and or Mastering ? gs, EPK production, show conception and more.We are in cooperation to  most respected music publishers!  



Beate Fischer, who was my lecturer at the Deutsche Pop academy. She became a friend and business partner as well. I have learned a lot from her and I am so gifted to work with one of the best artist marketing experts of Germany.

 Beate Fischer



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8.12.2017 Concert CYRA alias Heike Barth

Promotion video:

Berlin Booklet Interview CYRA & Thomas de Vachroi

Am 8.12.2017 – 20 Uhr findet das Comeback Konzert von CYRA alias Heike Barth bei Madstop84 statt. Gleichzeitig wollen wir auf das Problem der Wohnungs- und Obdachlosigkeit aufmerksam machen und ein von Thomas de Vachroi (Gewinner des von der „Hall of Fame Berlin“ im Jahre 2017 verliehenen Medienpreises für 30 Jahre soziales Engagement) geleitetes Projekt, welches Wohnungs- und Obdachlosen seit Jahren eine wichtige Anlaufstelle bietet, unterstützen! dem Kauf eines Konzerttickets spenden Sie 2,-€ an das Projekt. Empfehlung: Film "Der Lebenswert"

Posted by on Mittwoch, 8. November 2017

Surprise Club, Potsdamer Straße 84, 10785 Berlin


04.03.2017 Spring Ball

Spring BallSB 2017 1M&M BB meets AHOI Kultur

Queens 45, Berlin

Pictures  Spring Ball 2017:

18th of February 2017  Concert
The spike heel sex sound

  @ Maze Club Berlin

  Stefano Fristachi

Interview : Radio


7.08.2016 concert „The spike heel sex sound“ @ Teehaus Tiergarten Berlin

We presented the well known electro-funk band from Barcelona at their first big concert in Germany.

Stefano2 Stefano1Rienzo1

new single…electro funk

WOKA KUMA „Getting together“
3. Burkina Faso Festival in Berlin
from the 16th – 23 June 2016

WOKA KUMA Panel-Foto

The 3rd. WOKA KUMA Festival took place in Berlin! It is a Cultural exchange project of Germany and Burkina Faso! Beside the artistic point of the festival, there was an interesting panel discussion about violence and education!

The panel discussion, served the entire character and the main communicative objective of the
WOKA KUMA festival, to combine art, education and human rights issues. 

It was a great experience for me to present this panel discussion and meeting all those phantastic personalities from Burkina Faso and the organisations from Berlin.

topics of the panel:
• Are our educational institutions still safe?
• How do we deal with conflicts?
• What measures are needed to live a peaceful and fearless life ?
• What trends does school violence & projects?
• Which projects on are worth mentioning?
• Handling sexualised violence against women and children


Mahamadi Sinka is producer of the „Congress of all West African teachers for integration and peace, since 2008 Head FESTICO in Burkina Faso, Secretary of the Municipal Culture, President Woka-Kuma Club in Burkina Faso, a member of the organization“ Workshop and Forum „that deal with education and human rights, the networking of sporting and cultural activities and their implementation plan for young people in West Africa and the tree irrigation in arid areas engaged.

Interkunst e.V., Til Dellers
BDB e.V. Bund für AntiDiskriminierungs-Bildungsarbeit, Aissatou Binger
StreetUniverCity Robert Andjelkovic aka Drob Dynamic
Women in Exile, Flüchtlingsfrauen werden laut
Alte Feuerwache Jugendzentrum Musikbereich, Flo Steindle
Schule im Aufbruch
Mehr als Lernen e.V,
Campus Rütli – CR² Robert Finken

Mansour Yacoub


8.-10. Mai 2015



Berlin Booklet presented in cooperation to B.A.T. Beate Fischer the well known artists Mfa Kera „The Voice“ from Madagascar and the guitar player and singer Mike Russell from the US. Further we present the Duo INSIEME Andrea Andrei & Davide Mattioli from Italy.

Mfa Kera & Mike Russell  9.05.2015 03.00pm Afro Soul for Peace

INSIEME 9.05.2015 04.00pm Italo-Pop


We did the PR for the Canaan Conference which took place from the 15th-18th of December 2014 in Berlin at the Red Town Hall

l – Rotes Rathaus Berlin and Villa Elisabeth


CANAAN Conference BERLIN „Frauen für Frieden in Nahost“ UN-Resolution 1325 zu Frauen, Frieden und Sicherheit



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